Friday, June 8, 2012

Self Publisher Magazine Reviews Five Star Comics #1

Self Publisher Magazine, a journal of small and independent press, has reviewed the first issue of Five Star Comics. Here's what the magazine's online reviewer had to say:
What a cool concept here. The creators of these comics have dipped into the foggy past, looking way back to the dawn of comics for characters that have gone into public domain, and they have latched onto the style and feel of those comics, and made new stories. Indeed, these strips are really something, and they deliver solid entertainment with depth and pathos, and bring relevance and freshness to boot. There isn't a clunker in here, every page and every panel has coolness dripping into every fiber of the paper. I read this cover to cover, devouring its insanely clever hooks and delightful nods at history, as it made me want to read more and more new stories of this nature. And as luck would have it, I already have #2 in the review pile for the next round through the box…so I know there is more. Meanwhile, go out of your way to get this. It is worth it. What a great book it is.
Wow! We're blushing! Seriously, though, it looks like we have succeeded in what we were setting out to do when we started Five Star Comics. If you would like to read more small press and independent press news, see the website of Self Publisher Magazine here.

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