Monday, September 21, 2015

Mothman Festival 2015

The Five Star crew had their best shows ever at the fourteenth annual Mothman Festival, which took place on Saturday, September 19 and Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015, in Point Pleasant, West Virgina. Larry Blake, Gary Gibeaut, Jay Gibeaut, Terence Hanley, and Matt Marshall had tables this year at the festival. They all had a mix of new and old merchandise, including Jay and Larry's newest collection of Mothman 'Toons. Everything we had sold well, as the crowds this year seemed bigger than last year and the weather was good both days.

For 2015, Gary Gibeaut had new poster designs and a new comic book, a single-character issue called simply Mothman. Gary's new book has two complete stories. The first, "This Mysterious Entity! This . . . Mothman," explores one possible origin of the eponymous creature. The second, "The Abridged Mothman," begins with the story of the first sighting of Mothman but then segues into the fall of the Silver Bridge and the artist's response to the events of the 1960s, in his childhood and now in adulthood. Gary dedicated Mothman to Tim Corrigan, who passed away on August 22, 2015, and to Thomas Allen Cantrell, a fellow cartoonist who perished in the cold waters of the Ohio River on December 15, 1967.

Like we said, everything we had sold well at this year's Mothman Festival. That includes Gary Gibeaut's Mothman comic book. In fact it sold out. Look for a second printing in 2016.

The cover of Gary Gibeaut's Mothman comic book, with coloring and effects by Jason Roush.

And the splash panel from the same book.

Art copyright 2015 Gary Gibeaut
Text copyright 2015 Five Star Comics