Jordan Lowe

Keeper of Asylum Comics

Writer Jordan Lowe is a relative newcomer in the indie comics game, but he’s already amassing a resume to be proud of and feels right at home with the gang at Five Star Comics. He opened the store Asylum Comics in his hometown of Marietta, Ohio, in 2005, which he has freely admitted to doing in order to meet fellow comic creators. His first such collaboration was with artist Michael K. Easton on the city-full-of-superheroes tale Paradox City and continues to this day on their web comic Short Pants Romance, about a famous former kid sidekick who’s pushing thirty. Jordan and Michael co-founded OVAL, the Ohio Valley Artists League, where writers and artists gather for collaboration, motivation, and the production of a yearly anthology of their work. Jordan wrote the script for “Flip Falcon in the Fourth Dimension,” drawn by artist Gary Gibeaut for Five Star Comics #1, due out this summer. Jordan is also ready to begin posting the third volume of Short Pants Romance online and is producing an anthology of short, offbeat horror and fantasy stories with artist Z.D. Brooker called Strange Books and Paper. If that wasn’t enough to lose sleep over, he is also hosting the first annual River City Comic Con in Marietta, Ohio, on July 24, 2011. Five Star creators Larry Blake and Terence Hanley will be there, too.

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