Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bad-Luck Bats

Art imitates life, but sometimes it goes the other way. A scene from Five Star Comics #2:

Now, from Cerros de Amotape National Park in Peru:

Photograph by Yufani Olaya

No, that's not a mutant. It's a cane toad that has just attempted to swallow a bat. What appear to be purple appendages on either side of the toad's mouth are actually the bat's wings. What appears to be a tongue is the bat's tail. Luckily for the bat, he made an unpalatable dish: the toad spat him out, he picked himself up, brushed himself off, then flew away.

You can read the whole story, "Alien-Like Creature Actually a Toad with a Big Appetite" by Pete Thomas, at the website GrindTV (Sept. 23, 2013), here.

Art copyright 2013 Terence E. Hanley
Text copyright 2013 Five Star Comics