Larry Blake

Anyone who has been in small press and alternative comics for any length of time knows Larry Blake, either personally or by reputation. And what a good reputation he has! Larry has been drawing comics since 1960, and his work has been in print since 1973. Larry recently won a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (S.P.A.C.E.) in Columbus, Ohio. He has been an exhibitor at S.P.A.C.E. since the very beginning of that annual event.

In his comic book career, Larry has drawn every kind of character, from Little Lulu and Silver Streak to KISS and his own Kevin Cool. And he has worked in every genre: superheroes, humor, music, science fiction, kid's comics, funny animals, even romance and manga. (He would like to try his hand at a true-to-life western, too.) Larry has also collaborated with Tim Corrigan on Allegheny Man

In addition to freelancing for other publishers, Larry writes, draws, and publishes his own comic book titles, Psychozort and Kevin Cool. In 2011, Larry helped launch Five Star Comics, drawing the Golden Age superhero Silver Streak and a new character he created himself named Missile. In addition, Larry creates art for comic book fans. If you see him at a comic book convention, he's sure to have a drawing of your favorite character, actor, or musical artist for sale.

Larry Blake is available for comic book inking jobs! If you have a comic book project and you need an experienced inker, talk to Larry. You can contact him by U.S. mail at:

Larry Blake
69306 State Route 124
Reedsville, OH 45772

Larry can draw comics in any genre, as long as the story is rated G (no gore, extreme violence, etc.).

Art copyright 2013 Larry Blake
Text copyright 2016 Five Star Comics