Friday, June 1, 2012

Reviews of Five Star Comics #2

Tony Isabella Reviews Five Star Comics

Veteran comic book writer Tony Isabella has reviewed Five Star Comics #1 and #2 on his blog, entitled appropriately enough, "Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing." Although his posting is called "I Flirted with Madness" (May 15, 2012), the title has nothing to do with his reading of our comic book. Instead, Mr. Isabella is mostly favorable in his review. His favorite story is "Yesterday and Today," Larry Blake's first entry in the Missile/Silver Streak saga from the inaugural issue of Five Star Comics. Despite a couple of quibbles, Mr. Isabella has this to say: "I think many of my bloggy thing readers would enjoy these two comic books." He also reviewed Lucky Girl #1 by Terence Hanley, calling it "charming."

Steve Keeter, The Classic Comics Man, has also reviewed Five Star Comics #2, and he did it before even reading it! You can see his video review, "Designed to Rot the Brain Fast," dated May 17, 2012, on YouTube. (His title doesn't have anything to do with Five Star Comics, either.) Click here for the link. So what does he have to say? Read on:
"Cool back cover"
"Great stuff like Cave Girl and The Bat-King"
"I love this guy's artwork" (Terence)
"Some crazy, funny, wacky . . . slapstick" (The Amalga-Mates)
"I'm so wild about the artwork"
"This guy is a great pencil artist" (Matt)
"This is one of the best comics around"
You don't have to take Steve's word for it. Find out for yourself why readers love Five Star Comics. Order your copy today.

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