Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Five Star Creators in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel

Five Star creators Terence Hanley and Jordan Lowe were at the River City Comic Con in Marietta, Ohio, this past weekend, and both were interviewed by a reporter for a local paper, the Parkersburg News and Sentinel. Jordan, owner of Asylum Comics in Marietta, was the organizer of the event. Terence, creator of two cryptozoological and extraterrestrial coloring books and the comic book Lucky Girl, was one of about twenty vendors at the convention. It was a hot, humid day, but the vendors and the attendees gamely stuck it out for an enjoyable show. Jordan Lowe and Terence Hanley were both featured on the website of the Parkersburg News and Sentinel. You can read all about it in Natalee Seely's article, "River City Comic Con: First in the Area in 10 Years," here.

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  1. Terence, I really love Lucky Girl and I can't wait to see more! This is really great stuff!

  2. Steve,

    Thanks for the comment. For those of you who don't know, I'm also the creator of Lucky Girl, a pre-teen investigator of crimes and solver of mysteries. Lucky Girl #1 came out earlier this year and I'm currently at work on Lucky Girl #2. Hopefully it won't be much longer before you get your wish for more, Steve.

    Terence Hanley