Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Five Star Creators-Gary Gibeaut

Guardian of the Guard Dawgs

Gary Gibeaut has drawn comics since he was a kid. Now his artwork is in print--in comic books and coloring books, on t-shirts and stickers. Gary's main title is Guard Dawgs, the story of a supergroup that began shaping in his mind and on his drawing board many years ago. There are three issues of Guard Dawgs in print with more--and maybe even a web comic--on the way. Gary is also the creator of a Mothman coloring book, a "Mothman Rocks!" sticker, and Mothman t-shirt designs sold every year at the Mothman Festival in Gary's hometown of Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Best of all for fans of Golden Age superheroes, Gary has illustrated Jordan Lowe's "Flip Falcon in the Fourth Dimension" for Five Star Comics. In Jordan and Gary's story, Flip Falcon must travel into the fourth dimension to rescue a group of scientists from a circle of demons and their newly crowned king, the evil Doctor Blanc. Look for "Flip Falcon in the Fourth Dimension" in Five Star Comics #1, due out in the summer of 2011!

Flip Falcon in the Fourth Dimension script copyright 2011 Jordan Lowe
Flip Falcon in the Fourth Dimension art copyright 2011 Gary Gibeaut
Text copyright 2011 Five Star Comics

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