Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Five Star Creators-Terence Hanley

The Man Behind Mothman

Cartoonist Terence Hanley broke into small press with his own self-published coloring book, Mothman, Aliens, and Flying Saucers. Now he's bringing Mothman to Five Star Comics, where Mothman the creature will meet Moth Man the Golden Age hero for the first time. Terence's story, "Moth Man Meets Mothman," begins in the mountains of West Virginia and ends at a place everyone remembers as one of calamity. Look for Mothman and Moth Man in the first issue of Five Star Comics, coming soon!

Terence Hanley's website: www.hanleyart.com

Story and Art Copyright 2011 Terence E. Hanley
Text Copyright 2011 Five Star Comics

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