Sunday, June 12, 2011

Five Star Creators-Larry Blake

Larry Blake: Wanted in Twelve States, Unwanted in All the Others

Larry Blake has been drawing small press comics for almost forty years and has been writing and drawing comics since at least 1960. Now he's on board with Five Star Comics. In his first story, "Yesterday and Today," Larry will bring Silver Streak, a popular Golden Age character, back to life and into the 21st century. And who does Silver Streak meet but his own great granddaughter, a new character and new heroine named Missile. If you have read Larry's long-running Psychozort and Kevin Cool, you'll like "Yesterday and Today."

Story and art copyright 2011 Larry Blake
The character, name, and concept of "Missile" are the property of Larry Blake. All rights are reserved.
Text copyright 2011 Five Star Comics


  1. Glad to see Larry getting some press - I just found this via a Google search. I know Larry for a fanzine I used to belong too and he's definitely a legend of underground comics.

  2. Thanks, Rob,

    Larry is available for inking jobs. Be sure to check out his page on this blog.