Monday, May 1, 2017

Mothman Books on YouTube

A YouTube user named Mothman Historian has posted a video showing his collection of Mothman comic books and other books. In his video of almost thirteen minutes, Mothman Historian reads Gary Gibeaut's story "The Abridged Mothman" from Mothman #1, published in September 2015. He follows that with a look at Mothman 'Toons, a series of cartoon books by Jason Gibeaut and Larry Blake. Jason and Larry have three collections of Mothman 'Toons and are working on a fourth. Finally, Mothman Historian looks at two coloring books by Terence Hanley with not only Mothman but also the Flatwoods Monster, the Men in Black, and Indrid Cold, all of West Virginia. Here is the link to Mothman Historian's video:

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