Friday, March 1, 2013

Comics Buyer's Guide Reviews Five Star Comics #2

Whitney Grace reviewed Five Star Comics #1 and #2 in Comics Buyer's Guide back in November. In last month's issue (the second to last issue of the magazine), Ray Sidman gave a little more space to Five Star Comics #2. He likes the expanded book (which went from 37 pages of stories and art in #1 to 46 pages in #2). "This issue includes five stories that range from decent to entertaining," Mr. Sidman writes, "with the best of them being 'Origin of The Black Bat' (due to its art and classic character) and 'The Case of the Nut Case' (with fun writing and a solid sense of humor)." That makes a thumbs up for two stories that have been a little neglected in reviews and letters of comment. Mr. Sidman concludes his review with these words:
The writing and art [on issue #2] aren't uniformly as satisfying as they could be, but the overall effect is an entertaining, pleasant reading experience. This small-press title is a good one, and promises more entertainment to come in #3.
We'll keep working towards a uniformly satisfying reading experience. And speaking of Five Star Comics #3, we're nearing completion on the book. Look for previews in the coming days.

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