Monday, December 10, 2012

Larry Blake Teams Up on Followers of the All

Archives of the Alien-Volume 1: Followers of the All is now available from small-press veteran James Rubino. It features the origin of the Christian superhero Mr. Faith, who appeared in many small-press digests of the 1980s. This science fiction adventure is set in a  dystopian future and drawn in James' wild-and-wonderful style that seems like a crazed blend of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. On top of that potent eye-candy are the moody inks and legible lettering of Five Star Comics' own Larry Blake. Larry and James are longtime artistic collaborators and have done over 400 pages together--most of which remain unpublished!

James Rubino is a musician/writer/artist who has now added "publisher" to his list of accomplishments. Aside from Followers of the All, he has released the Tales of the Seventh Galaxy series and several other cool titles. His work is visually powerful and thought-provoking. James is one of a kind despite his obvious influences. Add Larry Blake's also one-of-a-kind underground-comix-influenced bold inking style to the mix and it becomes a very strong visual that neither artist could achieve on his own. Check out:

for cool Rubino/Blake comics.

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