Monday, May 28, 2012

Reviews of Five Star Comics #1

Reviews are in for Five Star Comics #1 and here's what critics have to say:

Steve Shipley in Paper & Ink No. 2 (Nov. 2011):
Larry Blake, Terence Hanley, and Gary Gibeaut have put together an excellent comic book featuring some Golden Age heroes that are now in the public domain, and each story is outstanding in story and art. This has to be the best comic I've received this year so far. Five Star Comics features Five heroes in Five distinct strips that all have the Golden Age feel and an exceptional display of artistic talent. Moth Man, Silver Streak, Marvel Maid, Flip Falcon, and Cave Girl! Order this comic, you will not be disappointed!
Steve Keeter, The Classic Comics Man, on YouTube (Oct. 9, 2011):
On Five Star Comics: "outstanding Golden Age-ist comic"
On "Cave Girl": "I just love the artwork in this . . . brilliant work"
On "Moth Man Meets Mothman": "beautiful cartooning style . . . gorgeous . . . bold [inking]"

Comic book artist and writer Michael Neno (Nov. 2011):
In a world of dreary, dark, photographed/photoshopped anti-hero comic books, there are a few (but fortunately, growing) number of cartoonists creating fun, classically fashioned, cartoony comic books.
I can now add 5 Star Comics to the list! It’s a fun book created by cartoonists who are more in command of their craft with each project they work on. That bodes well for 5 Star Comics and its readers. I’ll be one of them.
Larry Johnson in Tales of Fantasy (2011):
Readers, Larry [Blake] has collaborated with some other creative types to come up with a very special comic book! It's called "5 Star Comics" and it is a real unique concept. Public domain heroes from the Golden Age of Comics are revived for this title, and the results are fun, and full of the same kind of enthusiasm and verve that the original material had.
Again, Larry Johnson in Tetragrammaton Fragments (the newsletter of the United Fanzine Organization or U.F.O., 2011):
So, how would it be if actual Golden Age comic book heroes were to appear in brand new adventures? Well, this book is a dream come true. Larry Blake has joined Terence Hanley, Jordan Lowe, and Gary Gibeaut to offer adventures of these real Golden Age comic book characters in the public domain, and the results are just delightful. There's a sense of wonder and naivety to those early efforts, to the first material produced specifically for the comics market around 1940, and if you enjoyed Fantagraphics' Supermen! The First Wave of Comic Book Heroes book reprints from that era, you will get a kick out of the adventures of Moth Man, Silver Streak, Marvel Maid, Flip Falcon, and Cave Girl! . . . [T]his new collection is a great homage to that era.
You can order Five Star Comics #1 by sending a check or money order for $4.00 to:

Larry Blake
69306 State Route 124
Reedsville, OH 45772

Five Star Comics #1--Full-color cover, 37 pages black-and-white interior, plus a preview of The Black Bat on the back cover.

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