Monday, November 28, 2011

Introducing The Amalga-Mates!

The World's First and Only Siamese Twin Superheroes!

Five Star Comics #2 is in the works and will feature five new stories by five creators:

The Black Bat by Matt Marshall!

Missile by Larry Blake!

Lady Luck by Gary Gibeaut!

Cave Girl by Terence Hanley!


Introducing The Amalga-Mates by Terence Hanley and Tim Corrigan!

Who are The Amalga-Mates? None other than the world's first and only Siamese twin superheroes! In their debut, entitled "Nuts to the Nut," The Amalga-Mates will meet a giant robot, a mad scientist, and a killer plant. What more could you ask for? Be on the lookout for Five Star Comics #2 in March 2012!

The Amalga-Mates!
The World's Only Siamese Twin Superheroes!
Appearing soon in Five Star Comics #2! 

Art copyright 2011 Terence E. Hanley
Text copyright 2011 Five Star Comics

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