Monday, October 31, 2011

Five Star Comics News

Second Print Run for Five Star Comics #1

The first print run of Five Star Comics #1 is nearly gone! That's why we have decided to make a second print run with even more copies than the first. Five Star Comics #1 will be available at all of our events next year, and by the beginning of the convention season, it will be joined by a second issue, Five Star Comics #2, featuring Larry Blake's new character, Missile, Matt Marshall's updated Black Bat, plus two Lady Lucks for the price of one, drawn by Gary Gibeaut.

Five Star Comics #1 Reviewed on YouTube

Steve Keeter has reviewed Five Star Comics #1 on his semi-regular YouTube comic book review feature, "Classic Comics Man." He also reviewed the first issue of Paper & Ink, a brochure of comic book news and reviews by Steve Shipley. Paper & Ink #1 includes a profile of Five Star creator Larry Blake and a review of Lucky Girl #1 by Terence Hanley. Mr. Keeter posted his video on October 9. You can see the video by following this link. As for Paper and Ink: true to its title, it appears only on paper and ink and is available by writing to Steve Shipley at 1825 Eastgate, Toledo, OH 43614.

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